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thebigeast Secunia Advisory SA37255 - Program has old Java within it- what to do?
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The following program has this version of Java installed within it: The program is:

C:\Program Files\Starry Night Pro 6 Astrophoto\jre\bin\java.exe

I wrote the publisher of the program and had this series of responses:

Me: Secunia PSI is listing the latest updated version of Starry Night Astrophoto suite as having a Java insecurity. The Java version within the program is listed as Java is now at version 6.0.20. Do you plan on updating the Java version within the program?

Them: Astrophoto Suite is no longer being produced, so there won't be a disc with a newer version of Java on it. But if you have a newer Java installed on your computer the version on the disc won't matter.

Me: Thanks for your prompt reply. I do have the latest Java on my computer. However, the old Java still resides in your program. I have no idea how to update that. When I updated Java for the computer, it has no impact on your program. If I run your program, it will be using the old Java leaving me potentially vulnerable. Astrophoto Suite is built on Starry Night which you are still producing and I have the latest version. I assume Starry Night uses the old Java - or is Java only used in Astrophoto Suite?

Them: Apologies, let me clarify this -- Starry Night itself does not actually use Java. The only Java used is in the older installers, which Pro Astrophoto uses. Once it's installed it should no longer be an issue.

I also suspect that your security software is reporting a false positive -- all sorts of programs can result in alerts even if they're harmless.

This potential vulnerability is also showing up in Secunia PSI under browsers being unsecure even though the browsers are updated and PSI points to Astrophoto suite as being the culprit.

I could delete Java from within the program. Their support person seems to suggest Java was only in the installers and the main program does not need it to run.

I'd appreciate hearing any thoughts and suggestions on this matter. Thanks in advance for any and all replies!

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michaelsalis RE: Secunia Advisory SA37255 - Program has old Java within it- what to do?
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Although I have no specific knowledge of the program, I uninstalled Java completely from my laptop some time ago and have not found a need for it.

In my experience, including programs needing Java to work, if you don't have it installed and a particular program needs it you will be advised to download and install the latest version.

I see no problem, unless you need Java for a particular program, in uninstalling it and seeing how you get on without it. The worst that can happen is that you may need to install it in the future.

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TiMow RE: Secunia Advisory SA37255 - Program has old Java within it- what to do?
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If you check the following thread; it also refers to a (different) program with an old version of Java embedded.

If you scroll down to the last post from @Maurice Joyce, the advice was to rename the Java.exe file with the suffix "_old", to remove it from the "equation".

This should have the same effect as deletion, but with less harsh impact, and remove the vulnerability (after a rescan).


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