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gkrebs42 uninstall winzip9x
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On Windows XP I uninstalled Winzip 9x, as under PSI scan it came up as a (threat 4). I no longer have a Winzip program installed. It continues to show as Threat4, when I open PSI and run a scan.
Any help please?



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TiMow RE: uninstall winzip9x
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Hi babo

Did you re-boot and then rescan PSI after uninstalling? Often required for changes to be recognised.

If that doesn't do it, then what is the file path of this insecurity that PSI is finding?

In Advanced mode (click Advanced, top right of PSI window), click Insecure tab (or end of life, if applicable). On l.h.s. of program listing, click [+] to expand. Here you'll see installation path and toolbox icons.

Technical Details will also give file location; Open Folder takes you to that location.

Did you fully uninstall, or just delete? Deletions go to recycle bin, which PSI also reports.


EDIT: If you type "winzip" into the search box, at the top of the forum page, you will find other threads which have reported similar problems (some with solutions). You will need to look at a few, to see which relates best to your situation.

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