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Darris Adobe Reader 9.3.2 vulnerability
Member 8th Jun, 2010 13:04
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For several months I have been trying to fix a vulnerability that Secunia reports on Adobe Reader 9. I have finally surrendered and uninstalled and removed Adobe Reader. I have taken the advice of Woody Leonhard (Windows Secrets) and replaced Adobe Reader with a free Foxit Reader. Secunia still reports the vulnerability even though I have removed all mention of Adobe from my PC. FOXIT works very well.

mogs RE: Adobe Reader 9.3.2 vulnerability
Member 8th Jun, 2010 13:19
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Are you using psi with the Advanced interface ? If'd gain more info if you switched.
Click on the + sign alongside the entry shown as insecure and it will expand to reveal the file path: that can be confirmed by clicking on Tech Details.
Remember, psi will continue to detect old files/versions even if still in the Recycle Bin.
You don't say how you uninstalled Adobe....whether you used their uninstaller ?

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