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thedillpickl 1st take on Auto Update
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Loaded TP on the Acer laptop (Hal Jr.) which is Aspire One (AOA150), CPU Intel Atom (N270) @ 1.6GHz with 1Gb of RAM, OS is MS Windows XP Personal (Home) SP3.

On DSL today, so download was a breeze. Version showed both Flashes as "Patched", two hours later v. says both are "Insecure". Set "Auto-Updates" programs listed to 'auto-update', including Adobe Flashes. And it worked! Well sort of, as PSI was using the .ocx file, the old "Zombie" was still there, which PSI diligently proclaimed as such. I may have acted rashly, because I then used my favorite file zapper utility to delete the older .ocx (which PSI did not like, it reloaded).

Is the TP 'smart' enough to know how to delete the "Zombie" after a reboot? It will be annoying if the "Zombie" file remains and the choice of deleting it or ignoring it is not given. Please do not simply hide the old file. PSI removed the .dll file with no problem, of course that file was not in use.

The HP laptop (Big Hal) has the TP installed and working. It is not on high speed but usually has only a dial up modem available. Plan to see how "Auto-Updates" work when manually running PSI on 'maintenance day'. I do not have the "Start the Secunia PSI on boot" box checked. The fewer things automatically calling the internet the better when on dial up. Will let you know what happens.



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