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angelheart12202 5 High Risk Security Threats
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I was informed while working at my art site that I had 5 high threat risks involving Adobe Flash Player 10.x, 9.x and Adobe Air 1.x.I have run the scan 4 times and cannot get a patch nor remove these threats.After scanning,I get the same message that I have these threats even after reporting them to Adobe.I am not a technical genius but if you can help and describe what I need to do I would be very grateful.

gjjean RE: 5 High Risk Security Threats
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@ angelheart

Please read the following threads in secunia:

Good luck

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TiMow RE: 5 High Risk Security Threats
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For Flash:

Flash is used by your browsers for graphics, videos, games etc.

IE uses Flash (ActiveX) - PSI require this version for the display of it's graphics (pie chart and bars).

Other browsers need Flash (NPAPI).

When you install/update Flash you normally need to do this twice - once using IE for ActiveX, and once using another browser for NPAPI.

1) Download to desktop Flash uninstaller (to remove all old flash) from here:

2) Close all programs that use flash - all browsers and PSI (right click tray icon, bottom right, and Exit);

3) Run Flash uninstaller from desktop;

4) Reboot (restart) PC

5) Re-open browser(s) - IE and Another (if apllicable);

6) Download current flash from here (2x):


using IE, (for IE ActiveX) N.B. PSI requires this for graphics, even if you don't actively use IE; and


using another browser (e.g. Firefox) for NPAPI

For Air:

Air should not require uninstalling prior to updating.

Download current version from here:

Reboot (restart) PC and full rescan PSI (you will need to activate PSI from All Programs, from Start menu).

Both Flash - ActiveX and NPAPI - should show under Patched tab of PSI (If not already, then click "Advanced", top right of PSI window, then OK,) - see "Adobe Flash Payer 10.x" ; version no.

Adobe Air should also show here, version no.

Post back, if you still show insecurities, after the above.


EDIT: sorry about all the e-mail notifications for "edits" - after re-reading I had to make typo corrections, include additional info, and re-order (a couple of times).

Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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