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Microsoft Windows Media Player 11.x

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KMCopeland Invisible programs?
Member 14th Jun, 2010 00:29
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Secunia is reporting that I've got 3 installations of .NET Framework, and about a dozen of Windows Media Player. It doesn't jive at all with what my computer seems to think is installed. My computer doesn't think I've got ANY .NET Frameworks, and it seems to be very sure I've only got one Windows Media Player.

Any help with this riddle?

mogs RE: Invisible programs?
Member 14th Jun, 2010 01:08
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Are you basing your statement on the info contained in Add/Remove alone ?
I'm not sure why these discrepancies occur either, but they do. I'm showing one instance of NET in Add/Remove but two instances in Secunia and Belarc Advisor.
Are you saying that these same progs are being detected as insecure by psi.....what version are you using ?Regards.

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