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fancystitches Forum ID
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I have two computers and have had many starts and stops with getting an ID that Secunia accepts and allows me to post. I obviously now can post but I never know which address will be used until I try to post. I would be happy with one but I so far I have at least three. How do I fix this?

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thedillpickl RE: Forum ID
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Hi fancystitches;

You only need one username & password. You may use the one that you posted this thread with, if you like, and discontinue use of the others.

Are you trying to receive e-mail notifications of thread activity to three different e-mail addresses? You are unclear about this.

If the problem is that you have created different user names, when installing PSI on different machines, you can fix that by opening PSI, click on the "Secunia Profile" tab and change the information to the user name you would like to use, click on "Save Profile".

A couple of notes about your username & password:

You can 'sign on' to Secunia forum from any computer anywhere. That computer doesn't even have to have PSI installed. Just open the browser to and you are there. Bookmark that on your computer to make it easy to find.

Do not share your password with anyone else (except maybe your spouse) because if it gets around to others, anyone of them could impersonate you on the forum. Not like giving out banking info but can still be embarrassing! Of course you can always change you password after sharing your password unintentionally.

If this is unclear or you need more help, please post back here.



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