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shoman90 Browser issues with Secunia
Member 17th Jun, 2010 18:57
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After resolving my Office issues, I have some browser issues which been present for a good long while.:

IE8 / Mozilla 3.6.3 / Adobe reader 9.x3.2

Secunia says 'no known solutions. These have always been there, but seeing as I'm tracking this stuff down in the company of experts, I thought I'd ask the question.

IE8...ver SA24314

Firefox 3.6.3....ver SA39925

Adobe Reader 9.3.2 ....ver SA40034

Secunia says no known solutions. Adobe reader error is common under both browsers.


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Maurice Joyce RE: Browser issues with Secunia
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The IE8 & Firefox are marked as less critical.

I only use IE8 and am not really concerned about the low level bug. If I was running Firefox I would feel the same.

Adobe Reader.

This may help U decide what to do:

Can U please lock the other thread. U need to press ACCEPT against the post that helped U the most.


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TiMow RE: Browser issues with Secunia
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By clicking on the blue numbered SA's, for each listing, under secure browsing, will give the full Advisory.

IE and Ff are (relatively) low level threats, that have been around for a while - normal secure browsing practices are advised.

IE wont be rectified before IE9, but Mozilla should bring out a patch at some point.

Re. Adobe Reader - this is different, as it is a vulnerability that is reported as being actively exploited.

There is a workaround, temporary fix advised, as a patch for this isn't expected before 29 Jun.

I suggest you type Adobe Reader into the search box at top of forum page, and check out the most recent replies to see how to affect this workaround.


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Anthony Wells RE: Browser issues with Secunia
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If you are keeping Adobe Reader , there is plenty of information concerning the vulnerability and the workaround available prior to a patch being released (supposedly for the end of this month) in this thread :-

Take care


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