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TJFilipi Cannot uninstall
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When I got the alert to update Adobe Flash 10.x, it was listed in 2 locations. One location, in C:\Programs can be updated, uninstalled, etc without a problem. The other, in C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash, will not update, will not uninstall and can not be deleted. I finally opened the folder and deleted each file in it, one at a time. This worked until I got to the *.ocx file. When I try to delete this, after all the windows permission popups, I get a message that "Destination Folder access is denied" - even though I am in Administrator mode. I even tried renaming the file (to "junk") - it still can't be deleted. On the theory that its size (3.9MB) might be the problem, I tried opening it with an editor and deleting to contents - but windows won't let me save the edited file!
What do I have to do to get rid of this?

Tom Filipi

Anthony Wells RE: Cannot uninstall
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Hello Tom ,

If you click on the blue " Adobe Flash" link showing on the right just above the heading to this tread , you will find a list of threads already dealing with your problem and contain all the help/advice you might need .

If you are stuck later , come back here for help .

Take care


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