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c6red54 Can't clear this message!
Member 18th Jun, 2010 05:34
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Hi there! I'm a newbie to Secunia, even had trouble registering to get into this forum! I think I may have inadvertently created two accounts, oh well.
My problem is, whenever my laptop starts up, I get a message of a threat. when I click on Secunia, it gives me a message that Adobe Flash 10.x needs to be installed.
I did this, and then ran another scan, and the info. came back exactly the same! I use Google Chrome as my browser, although Adobe did have a link for Windows Vista, which I have. It wanted to install in Internet Explorer, and I thought I had done that.

What do I do, now?? !


mogs RE: Can't clear this message!
Member 18th Jun, 2010 06:45
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Have a good read of the FAQ's at the above link. Regards

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TiMow RE: Can't clear this message!
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It appears you have two areas of concern, from your post above:

1) PSI is flagging Adobe Flash 10.x as insecure; and
2) PSI is telling you that Flash needs to be installed, on the PSI page.

For "2)", the advice from @mogs could well solve it, in which case you may only need part B] below - if not , decide what is best for you from the 2 solutions below.

Although both issues relate to flash, and can be dealt with separately, it should be possible to do it in one hit.

First a bit of Background:

Flash is used by your browsers for graphics, videos, games etc.

IE uses Flash (ActiveX) - PSI require this version for the display of it's graphics (pie chart and bars).

Other browsers need Flash (NPAPI).

When you install/update Flash you normally need to do this twice - once using IE for ActiveX, and once using another browser for NPAPI.

You appear to still have element s of the old insecure version of flash left on your PC, which PSI is finding and flagging.

When you update flash it doesn't remove all of the old insecure version - normally the old .ocx file(s).

There are 2 standard solutions to this (only one needs to be actioned, depending on your confidence/knowledge):

A] The first is to completely uninstall all flash (with an Adobe downloadable uninstaller), and then re -install latest (2x).

B] The second is to navigate to the file location of flash, and manually delete the old .ocx file(s) - after installing the latest. If you do this, you will still probably need to install latest Flash (ActiveX) using IE, for PSI graphics

Details for A] :

1) Download to desktop Flash uninstaller (to remove all flash) from here:

[Depending on browser used for download, if saving to desktop is not an option, then perform the following 2), below, before clicking "Run"]

2) Close all programs that use flash - all browsers and PSI (right click tray icon, bottom right, and Exit);

3) Run Flash uninstaller from desktop;

4) Reboot (restart) PC

5) Re-open browser(s) - IE and Another (if apllicable);

6) Download current flash from here (2x):


using IE, (for IE ActiveX) N.B. PSI requires this for graphics, even if you don't actively use IE; and


using another browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) for NPAPI

Reboot (restart) PC and full rescan PSI (you will need to activate PSI from All Programs, from Start menu).

Both Flash - ActiveX and NPAPI - should show under Patched tab of PSI (If not already, then click "Advanced", top right of PSI window, then OK,) - see "Adobe Flash Payer 10.x" ; version no.

Details for B] :

Using PSI in Advanced mode (click "Advanced" top right of PSI widow, then OK).
Click on tab "Insecure" or "End of Life" (E.o.L., I think - red lettering), then on the l.h.s. of the listing for flash click on "[+]".
Here are toolbox icons.
Click on Open Folder to go to location of flash, (using Windows Explorer).

Once at the file location, on r.h.s. of window, are the elements of the flash app. (with icons).
Find the icon(s) with yellow and green gear wheels marked Flash10("A letter").ocx

The current (and only) one you need is Flash10h.ocx
If there are others (previous letters 10e.ocx, or 10d.ocx and so on), these can be removed - highlight > right click > delete.

Re-boot and re-scan.

It,s not as difficult as it may appear, as I've given you 2 choices, (plus a bit of background) - which gives a long reply.
The first may take about 10 mins, but is easier if you're not too familiar with deleting old files, but the second is a bit quicker.


Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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wr RE: Can't clear this message!
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Hi c6red54

I'm going to try & sort this out. I presume that you
installed Adobe for your Chrome browser as you stated
that's the one you use & that after scanning with the
PSI you were asked to install for Internet Explorer?

Does the graphics (pie chart & past history) show on
the Overview(main) page of the PSI green in color?
If yes then you should have Flash Player installed for IE.

Flash Player comes in 2 flavors 1. for IE & 2. For Gecko based browsers i.e. Chrome, Firefox, etc. The version #
for the 2 different browser types is the same-
You mention that you have Vista as your OS(Operating
System)-what version Basic, Home Premium,etc. what Service Pack if any?

Below is a detailed installation summary you might want to study before proceeding any further.

To successfully install Adobe Flash go here:

& then here if U have any Gecko based browsers Chrome,Firefox, etc.

1. Select the Flash version you require & download it.
2. The installer will appear on the desk top. Before agreeing to install close:
a. All Browsers.
b. PSI
c. Windows Messenger.
3. The new install will then remove all old files during the update process.
4. Complete a PSI rescan.

Hope this helps. If you need more help or this solves
your problem please post back here & let us know.

Regards, wr

EDIT: Sorry Timow-I just can't seem to type as fast as you.
Good to hear from you-you 'run' with this one-I'm off to
beddybye-it's just past 2.0AM here & I need to get a early start.

HP Pavilion Slimline s3020n
Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32 bit
AMD 64 Athlon X2
Firefox 31.4.0 ESR
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TiMow RE: Can't clear this message!
Dedicated Contributor 18th Jun, 2010 08:24
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Hi wr

No need to apologise - your input is equally as useful/relevant/knowledgeable, as my own.

I'm not a quick typist - but copy and paste a lot from previous replies I've given - with just a few amendments as required.

Good night, sleep well, and will converse again soon.


Computing is not yet a perfect science - it still requires humans.
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