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lindted Chrome Patch Problem
Member 18th Jun, 2010 17:16
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Securia gives me a warning of a category 4 vulnerabilty for Chrome. I run the patch and it still will rescan as an unpatched vulnerabilty. I even uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it with the same results. I am running XP fully updated on a Dell machine.

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michaelsalis RE: Chrome Patch Problem
Member 18th Jun, 2010 17:46
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Chrome does not delete old files when updating this may be the problem psi is picking up.

If not already doing so use psi in Advanced by clicking the word Advanced in the top right hand corner of the main window, go to patched programs and click on the + sign next to google Chrome. Then click on the Open Folder icon. This will take you to the Chrome folder. You may have to click Application at the top of the folder window and you should see more than one file folder with Chrome version numbers against them. The latest I have which psi says is ok is 5.0.375.70, you can delete any folders with an earlier version number than this.

Hopefully i have given a clear enough explanation for you if not please get back, I use Vista so I'm not sure what window opens on XP when you click on the Open Folder icon in psi.

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TiMow RE: Chrome Patch Problem
Dedicated Contributor 18th Jun, 2010 18:06
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This is my bog-standard reply for this (recurring) problem - every time Chrome updates.
It basically clarifies the information Michael has already given, but as I also use XP on a Dell PC, you can be happy that it works.

"A common problem when updating Chrome, is that the new version creates a new file and still leaves the old insecure file, which PSI reports. This old file needs to be manually removed.

You need to use PSI on the Advanced mode interface - click "Advanced" on top right of PSI window, then "OK". Along the top is a series of tabs.

Firstly, to check if Chrome is correctly updated/patched, go to the tab "Patched" and click - here is a list of all your patched programs.

Scroll down to Google Chrome 5.x, and for the version number, you should see 5.0.375.70 - if you have already updated to the latest up to date version.

Now click the tab "Insecure" (red lettering, when there's a problem). The old Chrome file should be listed here. On its left is "[+]" - click on this to reveal toolbox icons, then find "Open Folder" and click this.

This takes you to the location of the old Chrome file. You should see both the up to date version no. (5.0.375.70) and the old version no. (5.0.375.55). Make sure the old version no. is highlighted, right click, then delete.

This now goes to recycle bin, where you probably need to further delete it (as PSI also reports its contents). Reboot your PC and full re-scan PSI - this should now resolve this problem.

If your require further assistance, then post back here."


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