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neveready4 Which Browser
Member 19th Jun, 2010 08:18
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Everytime I click on the solution button, I get a popup stating Unable to locate appropriate browser for requested URL. I have not had this problem in the past. Any info wil be appreciated.

TiMow RE: Which Browser
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This is a problem that has been reported twice in the recent past - the first time it was successfully resolved by following the information in the following link (suggested by Secunia Official) - for resetting default browser, in "Set Program Access and Defaults", from Start menu (or Add/Remove Programs).

Unfortunately the second instance is still unresolved, after following the same advice.

You see the threads concerned below:

The first is the older, successful one, with the second being (as of yesterday), still unresolved.


EDIT: This thread was also posted today (06/19), and relates (in part) to the same problem. As this seems to becoming a recurring problem, for a few now, it may be something that only Secunia can address and resolve - but not before Mon, CET.

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jonathancrogers RE: Which Browser
Member 27th Jun, 2010 15:43
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I have a similar problem whenever I click on the download solution button. I get the same message "unable to locate an appropriate web browser for this URL" then clicking OK produces the following message "An error occurred while attempting to open the specified URL". I even get this when I try to access the forum - I have had to go into the main secunia website to access it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Secunia PSI v and it makes no difference. Otherwise the program scans fine. My default and only browser is IE8, running on my laptop with Vista Home Premium 32 bit with 2Gb RAM.
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