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shelquis OSI Scan Time
Member 21st Jun, 2010 17:01
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Hi, I just ran OSI. On the start screen, it says "A default inspection normally lasts 5-40 seconds,............". Well, on my default scan, it took 3 minutes 44 seconds just to complete the "Checking for missing security updates from Microsoft", and 5 minutes 46 seconds to complete the default scan. That's a long way from the 5-40 seconds advertised.

My machine is an XP home, SP3, using IE8 as a browser using the standard XP firewall. Just prior to the OSI scan, I thoroughly cleaned the machine including browser and java caches, and turned off my AV.

Do you have any suggestions for me to try to get the scan down to the 5-40 second range?

mogs RE: OSI Scan Time
Member 21st Jun, 2010 18:28
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It does say, as you yourself, have reiterated; that the 5-40 secs is for a default inspection only, and that a thorough inspection may take several minutes.
I've never used it ( being a psi user...ave. scan time 2-2.5mins): but maybe if I did; I'd try a thorough defrag prior to the scan. Might make things easier/quicker to find. Just a suggestion. Regards

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This user no longer exists RE: OSI Scan Time
Member 22nd Jun, 2010 08:55

The scan time estimate is an estimate, that corresponds to common scan times. It may take you a shorter or longer time to scan, depending on your system. To ensure your Java Runtime is delivering all the speed it can and should, I suggest you routinely clear your Java cache, and keep updated to the latest versions. You should also be aware that the scan time estimate is not for the throughout scan.

hope this helps.
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