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AJFate Program can't find correct versions.
Member 21st Jun, 2010 22:57
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Secunia consistently finds the wrong versions of programs on my two computers. There is always a wrong version of Adobe Flash player which I verify at the Adobe site that I am running the latest version. I am also told about out of date Java versions which are also not correct. Secunia also has trouble finding the latest version of Google Chrome which I can verify on the Chrome page itself.
I use Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 and Google Chrome.

What is going on? Anyone else having these problems? Chasing these phantoms is a big time waster and causes me to doubt the effectiveness of using Secunia.

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mogs RE: Program can't find correct versions.
Member 21st Jun, 2010 23:20
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It's very probable that what psi is in fact detecting are the older files/versions left behind after updating. It will continue to find them even if they still reside in the Recycle bin.
For instance...Chrome usually leaves the previous file, which has to be manually deleted. Tho' it has been known for it to be removed automatically some days later.
Tho' auto updating is now a feature of the new's in a beta stage....manual removal and some "housework" is still a requirement.
If you require help with a program....please be as specific as possible..vendor and version no......together with details of the file path. Found by clicking on the+ sign and Tech Details. Also include some info of your set-up...OS etc.. Regards

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