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pascal1947 VLC media player
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Secunia PSI reports that the installed version is 1.0.3. This was the installed version a few days ago. I have since replaced with a new version 1.1.0. I loaded VLC media player and did an update check. It verified that 1.1.0 was installed and was the most current version. I checked the executable path flagged by Secunia. It, too, showed as 1.1.0.

Plan was to completely uninstall and reinstall. However, as last resort, I did a Secunia rescan of the flagged VLC media player. This time the insecurity flag was removed. No changes were made in between the complete scan and the rescan of the VLC media player. I cannot account for the initial insecurity detection.

This user no longer exists RE: VLC media player
Member 25th Jun, 2010 08:59

While the PSI attempts to do real-time monitoring of installed software on your machine, it is still very much so adviseable to always perform a rescan after installing a patch, or taking other action. Please not that Windows patches require a reboot before being successfully detected.

hope this helps.
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