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akloosterboer Adobe Flash Payer 9
Member 25th Jun, 2010 10:04
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Mevr. / Hr,

Secunia geeft aan dat Adobe Flash Player 9 een beveiligingsdreiging heeft . Ik heb momenteel Version 10.1. Ik heb mijn hele computer nagekeken in zoeken (Windows 7), maar niets gevonden.
Ook heb ik problemen met het oplossen van update's. Mijn internet-explorer geeft aan: Internetexplorer werkt niet meer.

Kunt u mij helpen om deze problemen op te lossen?

A. Kloosterboer

This user no longer exists RE: Adobe Flash Payer 9
Member 25th Jun, 2010 10:11

First of all, this is an English-language forum. You have a much higher chance of getting help if you write in English, as this is generally understood by our whole community.

About your flash player issues. The PSI always shows where it detects certain files. To get access to this information, click the "+" button next to the specific entry, and look at the field called "installation path". This field shows which file is currently being detected by the PSI for this specific software.

About your problems with Internet Explorer. I would suggest for you to try installing all available updates, ensure you have the latest version of IE and try clearing your temporary internet files.

hope this helps.
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