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mogs Faster scan
Member 26th Jun, 2010 20:40
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After the initial download and the lightening-speed first scan...psi 2.0TP settled down seemingly to scan times familiar with in the previous version. Been doin' a bit more cleaning, and had a Boot Time Defrag scheduled for this morning....achieved a scan-time of 2mins4secs...possibly a very good indicator of everything being in order ?
No experience yet, of the auto-update feature itself in action....but hav'nt found anything "rough around the edges"! Very pleased and thankyou Secunia.


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Anthony Wells RE: Faster scan
Expert Contributor 26th Jun, 2010 21:51
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Hi Mogs ,

I have been waiting for a programme to show in "insecure" that was covered by "auto-updates" , but had no programme pre-selected .

Mozilla Thunderbird showed up as vulnerable in "insecure" so I selected it in "auto- updates" and the update started almost immediately - t'bird was not running ; "auto-update" seemed to reset itself a couple of times -perhaps downloading and then installing ?? It changed the dialogue and position in the list , but very quickly and efficiently made a "perfect" update . It reselected TB for a future update , but I prefer to decide for myself and so again , no programme is currently selected .

Very good job :))

Take care


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Nelson Mandela
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mogs RE: Faster scan
Member 26th Jun, 2010 22:21
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Evening Anthony !
Well your report is certainly confidence-inspiring.....I've got four progs preselected for Auto update.....Adobe Flash and Java amongst them, so I'm bound to get a thrill sometime soon eh ?! Ha!
Some things I enjoy proceeding with myself/manually; but usually if I find something more efficient....I think I've a tendency to accept....I've got a fairly long list of jobs done in my background....tho' not all automated now....I may have to re-think my philosophy....redundancy versus the robots ?!!!! I've seen the "real things" at work.....brave new world...frightening and awe inspiring ?!

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