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jesbion Google Chrome doesn't patch with Secunia or leaves old program still in computer files
Member 27th Jun, 2010 00:39
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Saw Mr. Peterson's reply to the problem with Google Chrome, and thanks, Peterson, but you still left us hanging with what to do next....

I am presuming we should simply delete the older file, which is what I did, and Chrome seems to be running as well as it was. Secunia is now happy and scan says no threat! What about for simple version users? Is there any way to fix without going into program files, and deleting the old version ? Will automatic updates on PSI remove the "threat", and is it really a threat, sitting there all by itself?

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mogs RE: Google Chrome doesn't patch with Secunia or leaves old program still in computer files
Member 27th Jun, 2010 10:23
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It's been fairly common knowledge for quite some time ( at least on the forum ); that the older version of Chrome needs be manually deleted after update. I'm not sure what post of Emil's you are referring to. It has been known for the older version to have miraculously disappeared of it's own accord after a few days, by some.
It might be worth noting that whether psi users be utilizing Advanced or Simple interface; Beta and Dev Channel Chrome is not monitored by Secunia...only the Stable version. The Auto update feature itself is in it's "beta" stage, and feedback will help to evolve no doubt. When and if Chrome becomes incorporated into the feature....the older file/version if then still detected will be graded as a "Zombie" my understanding of it at present.
The more that use psi 2.0 TP and provide feedback, the better.

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jesbion RE: Google Chrome doesn't patch with Secunia or leaves old program still in computer files
Member 27th Jun, 2010 11:58
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Thanks, mogs, I especially liked the miraculous disappearance! And it's a pleasure having someone around that can answer some questions ans give some feedback. It's like some body actually cares!

The whole concept of PSI is practically mandated by the natural need of consolidation in programing where, if things don't work together, they don't work at all....pretty much like civilization!

I have already seen some competition for Secunia in the market, but nothing even close in effectiveness...or scope.

I was thinking of all the friends I have recommended Secunia to, and I see I still have to be careful just which programs they have and just how Secunia is going to work for them, especially in the simplified versions. And their simplified computer savvy..

I'm sure in time, Secunia will have all the stops, and whistles, and for now, at least they have an attentive forum for the early days of development. Thanks again, your explanations have been received with gratitude!
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Anthony Wells RE: Google Chrome doesn't patch with Secunia or leaves old program still in computer files
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Hello @jesbion and Mogs ,

A minor point @jesbion , Chrome is usually (by default) located in the "Documents and Settings" folder and not Program Files .

Sometime ago , Mogs' miracles were more commonplace , can't speak for the others but the Chrome one seems to have gone walkabout .

Although PSI does not display/show the Dev channel or Beta versions of Chrome , it does display the gears that each/every version of the Dev channel, Beta or Stable is using . As gears seldom updates , it usually displays in the "patched" tab with one or two versions (depending on one's clean up and update programme) . If you expand the programme using the [+] link (at te left end of the display) , you will find the "open folder" icon in the "toolbox" , click this to see the old or new file in place and right click select delete for the one you want to kill .

"Advanced" mode is not really difficult to master and there is plenty of help here on the Community Forum to look for "optimum" security rather than simply being "simple" . When you advise your friends , rather than second guess their abilities pass on some simple tips like these :-

Here are some tips on using PSI in "advanced" mode :-

Click on each/all the tabs and there is plenty of written advice about what each tab contains .

If a "problem" shows in the "insecure" or "end of life" tabs , then to help resolve any problem , here are some instructions to help you first of all get the best out of PSI :-

1)use PSI in "advanced" mode ;
2)in the "settings" tab make sure that the box in the first/upper section is NOT ticked in order to have the maximum info available ;
3)tell us in which "tab(s)" your problem programme is located ;
4)in that tab , click on the + in the box at the left end of the programme , the page will expand ;
5)in the expanded page , tell us what is written in the "installation path" ;
6)in the "toolbox" section , lower down , the link "technical details" should confirm the installation path details ;
7)click on the link "open folder" and you will see more details concerning the location of the "problem" .

Posting these details will help the Forum help you , if/when you have a problem .

Keep spreading the good advice .

Take care


It always seems impossible until its done.
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