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Maurice Joyce Closed Threads
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Morten & Emil

Time for a lighter moment. I am surprised that Secunia deemed it necessary to close this thread.

It was all about Adobe Flash.

Perhaps U are not aware that the originator is a member of the Adobe Support Staff.

The post clearly gives the Forum the solution to fix Flash issues provided the following criteria is met:

1. U own & operate a PC from a "wiggly tin" hut in Ayers Rock Australia.

2. It has 100Mb broadband speed connected or greater.

3. Adobe Flash is not installed.

By switching off the thread U have denied the Forum the opportunity for the next installment which covers those living in Outer Mongolia and can prove they are related to Ghengis Khan.

The rest of the World must wait until 2015 unless they use version of Secunia PSI with the auto update feature activated.

Have a nice day!


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This user no longer exists RE: Closed Threads
Secunia Official 28th Jun, 2010 13:08
Hi Maurice

I decided to lock the thread since the original post made no sense at all.
(looked like keyboard headbutt to me)

This thread has been marked as locked.