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nuecapecod JAVA
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I understand that the reason Sun Java JRE 1.6.x / 6.x is sited as a security threat is because of "poor housekeeping" during the upgrade. I am not sure which old versions should be uninstalled. Does anyone have exact instructions including the names of which java version I should uninstall. I don't want to uninstall all of the old versions without good reason. If I just ignore this "security threat" am I vulnerable?

Thanks, Don

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Anthony Wells RE: JAVA
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Hi Don ,

The latest version is update 20 and this is backwards compatible and technically all you need . Java say you can keep old copies , but they are "vulnerable" and could/can pose a risk depending on location , etc .

Old versions may be "embedded" in certain programmes and tis is a subject of frequent debate on this Forum .

If a programme requires an old version of Java , it will tell you and/or bring it along ; remember that Java is not critical to the running of your PC , but certain websites or programmes are dependent on it in order to work correctly

The PSI will find these old versions and tell you about them ; what you do with that information is entirely up to you . Personally , I only have Oracle's Sun Java JRE 6 update 20 on my PC and everything is "tickety boo" (crosses fingers and smiles at windows wizard :)))

Hope this helps .

Take care

PS : Java may currently show aswith JRE , JDK and previously JSE suffixes . Anything in "Add/Remove" of the/your "Control Panel" or which is located by the PSI (follow the "installation path" and which is not U20 can be killed . The programme "Javara" will do a complete houseclean for you if you so wish .

PPS: in the sixtt post of this thread , Maurice Joyce gives you verse and chorus on how to clean up Java :-


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nuendel10 RE: JAVA
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Thanks much, you're my hero and mentor!!!!

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