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ZolarCzakl Adobe Reader 9.33 regarding SA40034
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The advisory SA40034 states that Adobe Reader 9.33 will patch the problem, If I read it correctly. I have recently updated to 9.33 and then did a PSI re-scan. I am still showing my browsers (IE, FF, Chrome) as being still vulnerable to this threat.
Am I missing something?

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This user no longer exists RE: Adobe Reader 9.33 regarding SA40034
Secunia Official 1st Jul, 2010 08:34

Updating your Adobe Reader 9.x to 9.3.3 should clear the insecurity, in both "Insecure" and in "Secure browsing" as all known vulnerabilities should've been fixed with 9.3.3.

Have you tried rescanning with the PSI to see if it solved the issue?

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