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Oldiesjock Media Player Classic
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I've been using Secunia PSI faithfully for it seems to be several years and last Spring I dropped the bloated Real Player and opted to try Media Player Classic in order to listen to audio exhibits on the ReelRadio classic air check web site. Right away PSI said, "whoa, buddy - that's a program that's hit it's end-of-life". So running a virtual sandbox I've continued to use MPC and when running PSI scans would get the end-of-life alert. However, that changed this past week whereas after completing three PSI scans over a period of days I'm now getting no end-of-life hits from PSI. I'M GREEN AGAIN! Media Player Classic version revision 107 in use and I believe the revision has not changed. Whats your situation with MPC and PSI? Bill T in Peoria, IL

wr RE: Media Player Classic
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Hi Oldiesjock

Check out this thread & the links in the posts.
May have some answers for you.

Regards, wr

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This user no longer exists RE: Media Player Classic
Secunia Official 2nd Jul, 2010 08:35

Since the original creator of "Media Player Classic" no longer supports the program, it's marked as EOL.

However, a group took the Media Player Classic and began supporting it, fixing vulnerabilities and added new features.

Because of that, we have created a new program called "Media Player Classic (Guliverkli2 version) 6.x.

Users with the original EOL version will be flagged as such
Users with the new version will be flagged as "Patched"

This thread has been marked as locked.