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MikeEugene Scan aborted
Member 1st Jul, 2010 23:31
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"Scan aborted" continues to come up quickly after starting my scan. In two years or so of almost 100% coverage with PSI, this problem is sticking. Problem developed about the time I installed Real Player on June 27 or so. After uninstalling Real Player, scan still aborts. I ran chkdsk (shows no bad sectors nor files). Also fixed registry errors with CCleaner (have been doing that for a year or two weekly also.) I run a Toshiba Sat L305-S5875 Intel Pent dual-core with 3000 MB SDRAM and 200 GB HD. Thanks for any advice. MEugene

wr RE: Scan aborted
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Hi MikeEugene

Which version of the PSI are you using? v.
is the latest stable version, v2.0 is a Technical
Preview with some bugs. In either case some of
the problems have been corrected by uninstalling/reinstalling
the PSI(either version). Other things to check--be sure you
have a default browser set and the following:

You can use any browser as your default but Secunia needs
IE to connect & function properly. Please check your
IE settings as per the FAQ from Secunia.

To do this:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Go to Tools>Internet Options>Security tab.
3. Select the Internet zone and click on the Custom Level button.
4. In Security Settings, go to the Scripting>Active Scripting option.
5. Make sure that Active Scripting is Enabled (rather than Disabled or Prompted).
6. Press OK then Yes.
7. Back in the Security tab, select the Trusted sites zone and click on the Sites button.
8. Look at the bottom of this window, and uncheck the field labeled "Require Server Verification (https) for all site zones".
9. Type in the following and press the Add button to add them to the Trusted Sites list:
10. Press Close, then OK.
11. Run the Secunia PSI again to view the scan results.

These settings must be exactly as Secunia lists them.

Make sure Date & Time are correct on
your computer.

Hope this helps.

Regards, wr

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Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 32 bit
AMD 64 Athlon X2
Firefox 31.4.0 ESR
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