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crzyallday End-of-Life & Insecure Browsers
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Don't know if this is the right forum. Also put in Open Discussions. Ran a scan and it informed me I had 6 insecure programs, 4 end-of-life and both Firefox and IE 8 were insecure with no solution. I applied solutions and now am down to 1 end-of-life program (MSN Messenger 7.x). I applied the solution four X to no avail. Then I went in and uninstalled Windows Live 3 X. Reinstalled Windows Live 3 X and cannot seem to get this fixed. I used Revo Installer to uninstall and it had 6,655 registry entries. I had to uninstall Messenger after uninstalling Windows Live. Re-scanned after each attempt to uninstall. It finally uninstalled. Still shows up on PSI. Does anyone have an idea of where I go now. I need Windows Live but the last time I downloaded it Photo Gallery wasn't there even tho they said it was.
[b]C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\msnmsgr.exe[b]

Also, it says that both Firefox and IE 8 are not secure. Do I need to uninstall and re-install both of them? I'd appreciate any and all help as I have spent half a day on this.

Maurice Joyce RE: End-of-Life & Insecure Browsers
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Windows Live Messenger should self update & remove old versions.

Try this link to reinstall - will it allow U to do it?


Provided the vulnerabilities are showing in the SECURE BROWSING tab & the STATUS is showing as INSECURE NO SOLUTION you can do NOTHING to resolve the problem.

They are both low level vulnerabilities. Just practise safe surfing & U will be OK.


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