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Torwald Office 2003 Insecure (false-positive ?)
Member 4th Jul, 2010 13:12
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I recently downloaded and installed latest Secunia PSI. Initial scan showed a lot of (Insecure) programs.
A few of them were Office 2003 programs: Word, Excel, Powerpoint and so on...
I downloaded EVERY patch available from Windows Update, restarted computer and scaned it with PSI. Result ? No change...
Is it possible that up-to-date Office 2003 is still Insecure (I know, rhetorical question...) ?
Some info:
- Office 2003 version 11.0.8164.0/11.0.8166.0/11.0.8169.0/11.0.8172.0 (depending on program).
- Windows 7 (up-to-date-as-possible)

I also got Office 2007 installed and no security flaws were found there...

I got the same situation with MS XML Core Services - Windows Update has no further updates available and still PSI gave it lvl4 threat signature...

Any ideas how I can fix it (without un-installing it ?)

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mogs RE: Office 2003 Insecure (false-positive ?)
Member 4th Jul, 2010 17:28
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If you click on the + sign alongside an insecure entry ( or any other); it will expand to reveal the file path to same. That can then be confirmed by another click on Tech Details.When you post to the forum you can include that info, together with some detail of your OS etc.. The more info the better.
It's worth noting, as a generality, that tho' you update a prog/app., many leave older files/versions behind, which Secunia still detects even if in the Recycle Bin.
It may also be worth you reading thro the FAQ's at:- just in case you hav'nt already.

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