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walkerpbus History of updates?
Member 5th Jul, 2010 23:07
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Is there any way in PSI, to track past updates? Just hoping. My machine (Windows 7 I believe was updated (without my permission), & I would like to know when & how it was done. I tried Windows Update, & it showed the latest there was Adobe Reader 3.3.3 (I wasn't even aware Microsoft tracked it, but I'm pretty sure PSI does.)

Paul B Walker

mogs RE: History of updates?
Member 5th Jul, 2010 23:30
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I don't think there is any way Secunia can help resolve your problem, unfortunately. psi, when it scans; detects as is at that time. It has no record or memory of previous scans. Regards

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ddmarshall RE: History of updates?
Dedicated Contributor 5th Jul, 2010 23:54
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I'm a bit confused by this, but if you mean you are seeing Adobe Reader 9.3.3 in Programs and Features and don't know how it got there, Adobe Reader now contains an automatic updater. If you want to turn this off, you can do this by starting Adobe Reader, click Edit, click Preferences, click Updater, choose the option you prefer.

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