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This user no longer exists Trouble opening links in the PSI? Default browser
Secunia Official 8th Jul, 2010 10:06
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I've seen a raising number of users with problems opening links in the PSI
Therefore I've created this small guide to help our users to solve the problem.

Describing the issue:
When clicking a link in the PSI, the user will experience one of the following:
1. Error message: "An error occurred while attempting to open the specified URL"
2. The link is opened in the wrong browser.

Why is this happening?
The PSI runs in admin mode to be able to have access to all folders while scanning.
Therefore the PSI will also use the admin account default browser, which may not be the one you prefer.

How to solve:
The PSI uses the information in this registry key to determine the browser to open link in:

To see this, open the Registry Editor by typing the following in either "Run.." (WinXP) or in the "Program search field" (Vista/7) in the start menu:

Notice the path to the browser in the registry key?
If the path refers to a browser no longer in that path, the user will get the "URL error" in the PSI
If the path refers to a browser that is on the system, the PSI will open links in that browser.

To change this:
Advanced users can change the path manually, however I would not recommend this if you're not 110% sure of what you are doing.

Otherwise you can try to open your preferred browser in admin mode by right-clicking the browser icon and pick "Run as administrator".
Go to the options section of your browser and make it your default browser.
Remember to completely close the browser once you have done this as you do NOT want to browse the Internet with a browser in admin mode.

This should hopefully help you to solve any URL problems in the PSI.

maikt RE: Trouble opening links in the PSI? Default browser
Member 8th Jul, 2010 14:01
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Ok, M.Hansen,
This is finally the answer and an action plan that solved my problem. Followed exact the action points in your description, changed the registry and, lucky me, my Internet Explorer 8 was activated again after clicking on the link in a message from Secunia PSI, as it als did for some weeks ago. Many, many thanks.
Maik Tielen (NL)

Secunia PSI Version
Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385
Windows 7 Home Premium
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