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Oracle Corporation
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Oracle Java JRE 1.6.x / 6.x

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inkai Sikkerhedstrussel
Member 9th Jul, 2010 12:10
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This user no longer exists RE: Sikkerhedstrussel
Secunia Official 9th Jul, 2010 12:37
I took the liberty to translate your question into English so everyone would have a chance to help you out (and maybe solve their own problem).

Original post translated:
Almost every day I get the following security warning:
Sun Java JRE 1.6.x/ 6.x
The program is updated and is perfectly functional which is reported by JAVA

You might have a backup or remains from an older version of Java somewhere on your system

Could you provide with the version detected and the location of the insecure file.
This information should be available in the PSI if used in "Advanced Interface Mode".
inkai RE: Sikkerhedstrussel
Member 10th Jul, 2010 14:08
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Thank you for the correct answer. The old version of Java comes from banks' slowness.
For a long time it was necessary to use an older version when I used home banking.
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