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Willie11 Google Chrome
Member 12th Jul, 2010 23:21
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I have now installed Google Chrome 5.0. 375.99 and PSI will not recognize anything other than 379.55 and I have done 2 updates since then trying to secure my computer. I am running windows XP

mogs RE: Google Chrome
Member 12th Jul, 2010 23:52
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Chrome usually leaves the older version/file behind after is that which psi continues to detect, even if in the Recycle bin.
You need to delete/remove. Hope this helps. Regards

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This user no longer exists RE: Google Chrome
Member 13th Jul, 2010 08:37

To see where the insecure and secure versions are located, you can go into Advanced mode by clicking "Advanced" in the top right corner. You should then be able to see an entry under the Patched tab or the version you recently installed, and one or more entries under the Insecure tab for the versions that were left behind.

We are aware of the problems caused by older versions left behind after updating, and have worked this concept into our Technology preview release, calling them 'Zombie files'. If you wish, you can download this preview from here:

It is our hope that clearly marking these files as the leftovers they are will make it easier to identify this sort of problem in the future.

hope this helps.
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