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This user no longer exists Macromedia Flash Player....Again!
Member 13th Jul, 2010 18:29
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I just logged on to National Geographic and got a window that says:

We're Sorry. You need to update your Flash Player. (Then there is a button that says: Get Macromedia Flash Player). Then it says; After installing the required upgrade please reload this browser window to view the content.

I just downloaded and installed...with Maurice's help....the updated Macromedia Flash Player, so what is going on? How much longer do I have to go on installing and re-installing Flash Player? Does anyone have an answer to this problem?

Thank you very much.


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thedillpickl RE: Macromedia Flash Player....Again!
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Hi jitterbug;

Glad to here that you updated Flash with Maurice's help.

As to "...what is going on?" Adobe Flash Player is possibly one of the most updated programs out there. One reason being, hackers & malware artists just love to get into your computer and Flash is an easy way to do it. It's not Adobes fault, the bad guys are just that 'good'. Another reason that Flash is updated often, the media devices & webpages use it, they push for more features and such. As you found out, National Geographic's webpage uses the latest version.

The answer to your second question would be: As long as Flash Player is in use, there will be updates. You will always want the latest version, so you will never be 'done'.

The answer to number three is good news: Secunia has recently released a TP (Technology Preview) of PSI. They, along with software manufacturers, have developed a way to do automatic updates. Now you just sit back and let PSI do all the work (for some programs, anyhow). Adobe Flash & (I believe) Reader are updated for you.

To read the thread explaining the new PSI, and the discussion following, go to:

To download the program go to:



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This user no longer exists RE: Macromedia Flash Player....Again!
Member 13th Jul, 2010 22:18
Hi Fred.

I have the PSI updates, but how do I add Macromedia Flash Player to the list?

I will check out your links. Thank you.

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This user no longer exists RE: Macromedia Flash Player....Again!
Member 13th Jul, 2010 22:27
Hi. I have already installed the new PSI Auto Updates, thanks to Maurice. Thanks you.

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Maurice Joyce RE: Macromedia Flash Player....Again!
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What we corrected the other evening was your Shockwave Player which has a FLASH element.

The Flash Player is stand alone.

Open PSI & look at the patched & insecure programmes.

U should have an entry for Shockwave.

A separate entry for Adobe Flash.

If U use Firefox/Google etc as well as a browser there will be another Adobe Flash entry.

If need be post back what ADOBE entries U find - if any of them are in the INSECURE area what is the path that is given?


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This user no longer exists RE: Macromedia Flash Player....Again!
Member 13th Jul, 2010 23:19
Hello Maurice:

Under "Patched" I found Adobe flash listed as a Category 5 security threat, and Shockwave Player 11.x, listed twice, Actives and NPAPI, both listed as Category 4 security threats. they were not listed as Insecure.

I went back to National Geographic and installed flash Player. It seems okay now.

Thank you.

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