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dclose Threats multiplying like tribbles
Member 16th Jul, 2010 07:55
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Have installed the Sun Java update, but every time I run Secunia to clear the threat, it doubles the existing threats for the same Java update!

This user no longer exists RE: Threats multiplying like tribbles
Member 16th Jul, 2010 09:07

Java frequently fails to remove older versions of itself. If you are using our TP for PSI 2.0, these old versions of Java would be flagged as "Zombie files". The newer java versions are installed seperately, without removing the older versions, that still remain behind to pose a threat.

The patches provided by the PSI are taken from the vendor, and Secunia is not involved in their maintenace or production. We only link to them to make patching easier for our users. This, unfortunately, also means that there is little we can immediately do to prevent these old versions from building up (Except for alert people to their prescence, as we do in the new TP).

Hope this helps.
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wr RE: Threats multiplying like tribbles
Contributor 16th Jul, 2010 21:05
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Hi all

@dclose May I suggest that you read the 2nd post
by Maurice Joyce in the enclosed link. It is a long but very
detailed explanation of problem(s) & cure(s) for Java(tm).
The thread wasn't locked when I just checked it so you may
want to give Maurice a 'vote'.

Hope this helps.

Regards, wr

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ddmarshall RE: Threats multiplying like tribbles
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Do you have WIndows 7? If so, is there a problem with the file paths similar to this thread?

The solution seems to be to uninstall PSI and re-install it.

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