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Malveira Google Picasa 3.x (Zombie file)
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Where can I find the marked Google Picasa 3.x (Zombie file)? I already deleted the whole Picasa directory under program files and then reinstalled the software but the Google Picasa 3.x (Zombie file) still shows up. Thanks for the support and for this great new feature in PSI. Cheers!

This user no longer exists RE: Google Picasa 3.x (Zombie file)
Member 22nd Jul, 2010 08:37

If you want to locate any of the files the PSI is currently detecting, you can click the entry to expand it, and then click "Open Folder". You will then be taken to the location of the detected file.

If you simply want to know where the file is located, the field "Installation Path" shows the exact path to the detected file.

hope this helps.
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mogs RE: Google Picasa 3.x (Zombie file)
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Tho'I' m using the psi TP version...I havn't had any things to delete etc., yet, so I 'm not familiar with the procedure. Does the Zombie file have a + sign alongside it as with progs in the other tabs ? If so clicking on that will expand it to reveal the file path I would expect. Just a suggestion....let me know how you get on. Thanks.

Post crossed with that of Emil's !

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