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gordon55y How to fix Psi report of chrome insecure
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I have done some investigation, and I thought I would document my experience.
The google chrome browser has a nasty habit of keeping the previous version
of chrome on your machine when you upgrade to the latest chrome.
You can see the versions at:
C:/users/<user>/AppData/local/google/chrome/applic ation/versionN
C:/users/<user>/AppData/local/google/chrome/applic ation/versionN+1

The chrome.exe is at:
C:/users/<user>/AppData/local/google/chrome/applic ation/chrome.exe

The chrome.exe is somehow smart enough to select the most recent .dll
from the versionN+1 folder. So, in theory the versionN/chrome.dll would never run.
However, Psi detects the versionN/chrome.dll and says it is insecure.
I would argue that the chrome install should remove versionN when installing
versionN+1. That has been debated at google chrome:

Some have suggested to simply delete the versionN folder manually.
That seems clumsy to me.
I have discovered that if you simply install versionN+1 again (twice),
the second install will remove the versionN folder.
And that fixes the Psi report of insecure chrome.
By the way, you cannot install chrome twice from chrome, you need to
do it from another browser. I used FF.

Thanks for Psi. I never would have found some of this stuff on my own.

Anthony Wells RE: How to fix Psi report of chrome insecure
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