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erikad1 insecure & patched versions
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There were 8 insecure versions and 6 patched versions found in my scan. What do I do with these results? When I clicked on "results," nothing happened.

I used Chrome and ran the scan 2 times.

thedillpickl RE: insecure & patched versions
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Hi erikad1;

Welcome to the Secunia forum.

The 8 insecure versions are programs known to have updates available. You should update them as soon as possible. These may be remnants of an older install that has already been updated or backup/archive files.

The 6 patched versions need no attention. OSI is telling you that it found those programs on your computer and that they are up to date.

To get a better picture of what's what and to check all the programs that can become insecure if not updated, please download PSI. It is a very worthwhile tool that will help keep your vulnerable programs up to date. This will take you to the download page:

For help 'fixing' a specific problem, start a new thread (click on "Create thread", to the left). To ask a question about a program, select "Programs" thread. In the "Topic" box, use something descriptive like "Adobe Reader download fails", this will get help faster. It will be important to have PSI installed to help us understand what is going on.



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