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nnk PSI Scan
Member 28th Jul, 2010 08:36
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I joined yesterday and performed my scan. Results were three programs, iTunes, Flash and Adobe Reader. The first two updated great. Adobe Reader failed. I checked my computer and Adobe and I have the lastest update.

The problem was with the PSI scan. I returned to perform another scan and when I passed over the results, I noticed that the scan somehow picked up my G:\ drive which is my external backup. However iTunes and Flash were scanned correctly and my C:\ drive.

Is there a way to fix this so future scans don't keep reporting as outdated?


This user no longer exists RE: PSI Scan
Member 28th Jul, 2010 08:39

If you want to exclude certain folders from the scan results, you can use Ignore Rules, which serve exactly that purpose.

For more information, see:

hope this helps.
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