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speedy1971 Java JRE and Photoshop CS5
Member 29th Jul, 2010 07:06
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Seems Adobe installs an insecure version of the Java JRE as part of Photoshop CS5. Has anyone tried removing it under these circumstances?

It installs it into \Program Data\Adobe\CS5\jre (aliased to \Users\All Users\Adobe\CS5\jre so it shows up twice.


It also updates Adobe AIR to 2.0 but leaves some 1.5 DLLs behind in
\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0\ which PSI flags as EOL. Same question there... can that be safely taken out?

Thanks in advance

thedillpickl RE: Java JRE and Photoshop CS5
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Hi speedy1971;

Welcome to the Secunia forum.

Look at this thread regarding CS5 & Java:

As to why twice, it is possibly because you've installed it for you (a user) and globally (all users), this is just a guess by the file paths shown. I am unfamiliar with CS5 install procedure.

Adobe Air situation is different. The simplest way might be to just delete using Add/Remove tool in Control Panel, then install fresh. (That's assuming Add/Remove gets it all.)



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speedy1971 RE: Java JRE and Photoshop CS5
Member 30th Jul, 2010 05:33
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Thank you, sir. Yeah so I guess Adobe would make the same justification that Logitech did with older versions of their Harmony Remote software: it really isn't an issue because the java vm won't be running in a browser.

I don't buy that, but of course the real story is they don't want to swat bugs in their code that arise from subtle changes to Java.

I presume the jvm is there for CS Live.

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