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Secunia-user_2010 Result Overview is wacky
Member 30th Jul, 2010 01:07
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I installed Secunia PSI today and the 2nd paragraph in the "Result Overview" (below) makes no sense compared with what the 1st paragraph says.

Even taken by itself, the second paragraph can't be taken seriously because how would Secunia possibly know the "score" of users who dont have PSI installed?

The "Result Overview" is like something you see coming from scareware/scamware.

Security Threats: 0
Secunia System Score: 100%
Secunia PSI WorldMap: Your Secunia System Score of 100% is 5% HIGHER than the average user from California, United States.

Compared to users WITHOUT the Secunia PSI installed, your Secunia System Score is 85% WORSE - install patches now!

michaelsalis RE: Result Overview is wacky
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I guess the obvious answer would be by seeing the results from new users of psi which no doubt would give a good indication of the state of the computers of an average computer user.

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Anthony Wells RE: Result Overview is wacky
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@secunia-user2010 ,

This is a known bug (which I thought had been fixed) .

The second part should say you are 15% higher than the non-PSI user ; research statistics (for whatever they may be worth) show the average non-PSI user to be 85% patched . Now that is scary as they are not contributing as much as they might to the overall security of the the Net/Web , etc. , and that affects us all .

If Secunia do not comment here and you feel strongly enough about this matter you could email them at ; they don't work on the PSI at weekends .

Hope that is a little clearer



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This user no longer exists RE: Result Overview is wacky
Secunia Official 30th Jul, 2010 12:21

We are aware of the bug, and intend to fix it in a upcoming release.

Thank you for reporting this.

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