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carolinagirl4681 Macromedia Flash Player
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Somehow, I clicked on the wrong option and all the replys are considered resolved. Nothing is resolved.

I am amazed at the replys and information you guys sent in. I appreciate all your time and effort. Thank you!

First of all, the adware (3) showed up when I started playing games on my home page (AT&T) and spam crowded my email. As a reminder, the adware flash tracking cookie is as follows; C:\Documents and Settings\Karen\Application Data\MACROMEDIA\FLASH PLAYER\#SHAREDOBJECTS\CSWY86p3\GAMES.ATT.OBERON-ME DIA.COM.

After the adware showed up, I received an email from Paypal stating someone had tried to access my account. I clicked on the option and could not log in. My password would not work. The second page wanted all my account numbers and all these alarms are going off in my head and I did not type any info in. After several weeks, I found out it WAS PayPal.

Another odd thing happened. While running my spyware a yellow box would pop up at the bottom of the screen. It said, (3D flower box,) and if you blinked, you would miss it. After downloading and running Malwarebytes it never appeared again.

Have spoken with AT&T several times and their solution was to use Malwarebytes and their McAfee Security. However, this 3rd level adware cookie comes back each and every time I play games on AT&T. This cookie is dangerous in all kinds of ways. I am angry at AT&T. And, Yahoo has got their hands in it as well. The Tech implied that AT&T/Yahoo are aware of this issue and are not doing anything about it.

I do not enjoy my computer anymore and am sick at heart about all this BS. I thought that if I played games on my home page I would be safe. Nothing is further from the truth. NOTHING!

Every day I update my programs and run them. I have Malwarebytes, McAfee Security, Super AntiSpyware and a firewall. Once a week I use Disk Cleanup and once a month the Disk Defrag. hmmmmmm.

Question: What does everyone else use?

Thank you again for your previous solutions. Will try to use them to the best of my ability.

taffy078 RE: Macromedia Flash Player
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taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

HP Envy Win10 PC and Compaq Presario screwed up by forced upgrade to Win10 from WIn7
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Anthony Wells RE: Macromedia Flash Player
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Hello @carolinagirl ,

While @taffy is not entirely correct about the"vulnerabilities" sub-forum as anybody can raise questions about a software/programme "vulnerability or insecurity" herein ; however , there is some history with this sub-forum and Secunia Advisories which might make some people hesitant to post and you would probably be better off in the "open discussions" sub-forum .

If you , as the owner/creator of a thread , click on the "accept" button under any post this automatically closes all the thread and gives the poster selected 5 votes (me !! in your locked thread :))

I am busy today , so some very quick comments :-

1)your reaction to PayPal was spot on and may have been related to the flower pot that Malwarebytes (Mbam) probably killed rather than any Flash cookie.

EDIT :: actually that is not quite correct re PayPal , in fact , never click on any link in any such an email nor try to log in nor telephone a proposed number# (unless you absolutely know it is legit) instead go to the relevant website - perhaps using a bookmark or favourites link and then only do any "logging in" there on the genuine site .

2)just gaming could have put your email address about for spam as could the flower pot . The Flash cookie is more to direct on screen ads your way rather than spam .

3)the Flash cookie like all cookies is an invasion of privacy but is not "dangerous" to your computer and the data it processes does not (usually) contain personal/secret/security based info .

4)Your set up of a Security Suite , MBAM and SuperAntiSpyware (SAS) is , for what it's worth , pretty similar to mine and is a good base .

For dealing with the Flash cookie , which will ALWAYS be set when you play the games , if you say which browser you use then we can advise daily an after games clean up (shower , shampoo , etc) .

Will check out your flowers later .

I'm sure helpers will correct and add to this basic stuff .

You are doing fine , just keep on taking care

PS: your "flower box" is likely related to a screensaver (possibly malfunctioning) ; screensavers are a potential source of spyware :-

"3d flower box.scr is a process that is registered as Microsoft OpenGL 3D Flowerbox Screen Saver. Such files, which usually end up becoming a spyware or viruses when landing in our PC often differ from the original file that is not a threat, because they are located in other directories and have a different digital signature."UNQUOTE


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