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mogs Java JRE auto update
Member 1st Aug, 2010 13:23
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Found myself in a little bit of a quandry this morning. Java Auto Update appeared.....tho' I have been aware of "21's" existance before, I'd decide to see how TP operated with regard to it. Also was aware that "20" was'nt vulnerable.
Nevertheless when it presented itself today Sunday, first thoughts were to let it proceed......followed by, " it might interfere with the preset arrangement with TP that I've made ". Don't like being thought of as backward so my natural inclination overtook. No hitches, and "21" now shows in Auto update still ticked. I suppose there will be instances where a vulnerability will be addressed quicker by TP than Java auto....Just have to wait 'n see.


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Maurice Joyce RE: Java JRE auto update
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The JAVA auto update has been around for some time.

My standard reply for JAVA problems contains information on this which I have cut & pasted for U below.


1. Go to Control Panel>JAVA icon>Update Tab and take the tick (check mark) out of box marked "Check for updates auto ....." (This will prevent a Java updater notification from starting each time U switch on your PC - PSI is already doing this job for U)

2. If U prefer not to have the JAVA icon in the System Tray when in use, open the Advanced Tab>look for Miscellaneous>click the + sign & then remove the tick from clearly marked box.

Its entry elsewhere is JUSCHED.EXE - it is a resource hog I my advice is to switch it off & let PSI do the work.

Each time U update JAVA it is also a good idea to clear the cache. This is also covered in my standard reply.


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mogs RE: Java JRE auto update
Member 1st Aug, 2010 14:46
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Thanks very much for the reminder Maurice. I'd done it all at "20" procedure then was very different....all manual. Being expectant of TP taking over, yet Java Auto itself having done the'd thrown me off course a bit.

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