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walkerpb Trouble logging in, Twice!
Member 3rd Aug, 2010 19:38
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I originally logged in as Username = walkerpbus once. Then had to recreate a Username of walkerpb to satisfy your system. It's not a password issue, because I have some shareware to keep them (RoboForm). I assume my email ( is in your records. If this is in the wrong forum, please transfer it to the webmaster or proper person. Thank You.

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mogs RE: Trouble logging in, Twice!
Member 3rd Aug, 2010 20:30
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It is not advisable to disclose your e mail address on an open forum, if you wish to avoid spammers.....which we too occasionally suffer sadly !
If you'e using OSI then you've posted to the correct section of the forum. It might be worth noting tho' that psi is much more comprehensive in it's scope.
Another point worth noting...until you become more familiar with the forum.....steer clear of the Vulnerabilities section !!
Hope this helps........regards,

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