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VLC media player 1.x

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jbradysr VLC media player
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download is not ofering latest version
it should be VLC media player 1.1.2

thedillpickl RE: VLC media player
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Hi jbradysr:

Welcome to the Secunia forum.

Is PSI showing this to be "Insecure" or "Patched"?

If "Patched":
PSI doesn't notify you, nor offer update links, about minor tweaks or cosmetic changes. Secunia looks for updates that are reported by vendors/manufacturers to prevent attacks via their software. These updates are meant to keep your computer secure, not simply to have the latest update.

To see what the latest update to VLC media player is all about, visit their website.

If "Insecure":
If not already, please run PSI in Advanced Mode.

To do this click on the PSI icon, in the system tray, to open the interface. In the top right corner, is "SIMPLE" blue in color and "ADVANCED" black? If not, click on "ADVANCED".

Click on the "Insecure" tab, Click on the [+] to the left of the program in question.

In the "Toolbox" click on the "Technical details" icon. Listed under "Version Detected:" it shows the old version PSI is reporting. The "Installation Path" is where PSI is finding the old stuff.

To go there, click on the "Open Folder" icon. This will open the folder where the old file(s) is(are).
> What is the version detected?
> What is the installation path?



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This user no longer exists RE: VLC media player
Member 16th Aug, 2010 12:01

Our rules should have been corrected. Please try scanning again.

Hope this helps.
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