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ielf Sun Java safe or not?
Member 15th Aug, 2010 12:28
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Hi everyone! Sorry for my english. Please explain why I have one and the same program is located in the vulnerable and secure.

Windows 7 x64/////tnx

dracudok RE: Sun Java safe or not?
Member 15th Aug, 2010 17:54
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obviously, you have two versions installed, as you can see from the version column:

1. An old one (Version which PSI regards to be unsafe
2. The present one (Version which PSI reports to be secure.

See the details of the old version, where it is located, and if it can be removed. Sometimes other software installs its own JRE in its program folder. In this case try to configure that software to use the present JRE installation.

An other possibility is the coexistence of both the x64- and x86-version of the JRE, so perhaps you updated only one of them.

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This user no longer exists RE: Sun Java safe or not?
Member 16th Aug, 2010 09:02

The field "Installation path" is what you need to concentrate on here. Java is known for leaving behind old versions of itself when updating, and it frequently become necessary to either use Java uninstallers or manually remove old versions.

The field "Installation Path" (Or similar in Russian) can be found by expanding an entry (Click "+"). This field shows where the file being detected by the PSI is located.

hope this helps.
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