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bibarnes Dual Entries
Member 16th Aug, 2010 03:10
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I am running W7 64bit. As a result Adobe Flash Player and Java are both installed in 2 different places. All 4 programs sho insecure. I installed the updates as per Secunia and they are still insecure. Do they need a hug? TeamViewer was a problem, so i updated as directed and rescanned no change. I uninstalled the program and rescanned and the problem is still there. Another hug needed? Maybe Secunia doesn't really run right with Windows 7 64bit OS. I am ignoring the errors and will probably uninstall Secunia eventually. IMHO it isn't even worth what I paid for it, $0.


This user no longer exists RE: Dual Entries
Member 16th Aug, 2010 12:30

Ignoring the errors, or removing the PSI, will end up exposing your Insecure versions of Flash and Java, which makes it rather simply for those with malicious intend to "own" (That is, take over) your computer. I highly recommend that you patch your applications.

Many users before you have had difficulties patching specifically Java and Flash. These two applications are notorious for leaving behind old versions of themself when you update the applications. If you click the "+" button next to the entries, you can see in the field "Installation Path" exactly which file the PSI is detecting. Sometimes this file can be located on a backup drive (in which case the Installer you download can't find it), or there could simply be more than one version installed.

If you post these paths here, I am sure we can find a solution for your problem. We have for so many before.
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