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Microsoft Office 2000

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It says to update and this is a end of the line program. It is ok to keep this program knowing that it is the end of the line programs.

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Hi johndaree;

Welcome to the Secunia forum.

An "End of Life" program is one that is no longer supported by the manufacturer/vendor. This means that no updates will be made, even if vulnerabilities are found and the program becomes a security risk.

You have two options:

> Update to a supported version. Office 2003 is still supported (for the time being) but would be almost impossible to find. It may be hard to find Office 2007 (I would still look), as MS wants you to buy the latest Office 2010.

> Keep your old version and take your chances. If using for word processor, spread sheet, etc. and it's not used on the internet, I would not be overly concerned. As long as it still meets your needs, why not use it? (I don't believe Office 2000 had any internet connectivity. I know Outlook was first in 2003, not sure about other stuff.)

If you plan to keep, it may be nice to create an "Ignore Rule" so as not to be continually reminded that it's end-of-life.

> Click on the "End-of-Life" tab, click on the [+] to the left.
> Click on the "Ignore Program" icon.
> Click on "Save Ignore Rule" and you're done.
> To delete an "Ignore Rule", click on the "Settings" tab and delete the rule.

If more help is needed, post back here.



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