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Wynn-M Re: How safe are P2P programs - uTorrent
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Dear Contributors
Thank you for your most enlightening feedback 16/17 Aug 2010. I should have tacked this on to your replies before I gave you all the thumbs up - sorry
What I've gleaned from your comments is that P2P is really a no-no and some have a little faith in uTorrent if used carefully.
I reckon I can come to a sensible decision but will first visit the information links that have been generously provided.

Rock on Secunia.


Anthony Wells RE: Re: How safe are P2P programs - uTorrent
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thedillpickl RE: Re: How safe are P2P programs - uTorrent
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I admit I'm a bit of a coward. Don't even use your everyday machine and you have the ultimate safety. Of course then you limited by what P2P is capable of because you won't be doing any real work.

Play time can be fun too. If I remember correctly, Anthony plays in his sandbox while wearing red shorts!


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