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smallbiz Chrome 6.0.472.36 beta
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My Chrome was updated overnight to 6.0.472.36, and apparently this new version is not yet being recognized by Secunia PSI -- it is not being found when I scan.
Do I need to worry?

Anthony Wells RE: Chrome 6.0.472.36 beta
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Hello Peter ,

The PSI does not record programme Beta versions nor Alpha or Dev channel versions either .

In the case of Chrome , the PSI will record up to two versions each of gears in the "patched" tab with the installation path to the version folder(s) in the Chrome folder : ie : your current version and the older one left behind by silent update .

Only the Stable version will show in the "patched" and "secure browsing" tabs as such - with the obvious exception of when the stable and Beta versions are using the same number .

I hope that is clear , if not ask .


PS : The PSI may lag in showing an update until you reboot or run a full manual scan ; nothing to worry about .


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