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Hoot56 Unable to load on my laptop with windows 7- 64 bit
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I got this software with my Brother all in one printer MFC 685cw. It loads and runs ok on my other computer with win xp pro. However when I try to set it up in win7 I get a message: Paperport 11se requires the latest windows service pack. Install the latest windows service pack and try again or select MFL Pro Suite without Paperport. Does anyone know where to get this service pack?? It sounds like a microsoft product however I have not been able to locate it on their website.

thedillpickl RE: Unable to load on my laptop with windows 7- 64 bit
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Hi Hoot56;

Welcome to the Secunia forum.

This doesn't seem to be a security issue with the software for the printer, but if Win7 is not updated to the latest Service Pack there will be vulnerabilities.

Just so that you know, I do not operate any machine with Win7. However, the Microsoft Updates work the same for XP. I believe you may need to run as Administrator, am unsure.

> Open Internet Explorer, in the top right, click on "Safety", at the bottom, click on "Windows Update" (Note: In 7 they may have fixed this to read "Microsoft Update").
> Click on "Custom", select and install all of them.
> A reboot will most likely be required. Shut down Windows (Sleep & Hibernate are not the same thing.) Completely power down the computer and restart.
> Repeat until no more updates are available.

If there is still a problem, run a manual scan with PSI to make sure no vulnerabilities exist. If none, consult the software manufacturer of the software provided with the printer.



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Maurice Joyce RE: Unable to load on my laptop with windows 7- 64 bit
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I would contact Nuance Support here:

As far as I am aware version 11 does not support Windows 7 or 64 Bit.

Version 12 was the upgrade but U need to buy it ????? hence my advice to contact support.


It might also be a good idea to contact Brother. Paperport is a file organiser & does allow direct printing. That said, your printer should work perfectly well without Paperport being installed. That is why it is telling U "or select MFL Pro Suite without Paperport"


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