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Anthony Wells For David (@taffy078); Re "vulnerabilities" sub-forum
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David ,

Rather than clog up the SAP GUI thread , let me be clear here :-

In TiMow's thread , if you wish to know about the "vulnerability report" , it is mentioned several times and see my post of 02/06/2010 @ 17.08 CET :-

I saw the SAP GUI post was in "Program" sub-forum and not in "vulnerabilities" before your post and so did not rush to post (busy) and came back after you had posted . I had seen your opening para before , but as today it was not only incorrect but confusing I decided to comment (un-asked for) on your wording - not my words ***

Concerning the "vulnerabilities" sub- forum that is at least 99% initiated by someone (non Secunia) posting comments to an SA .

***MY pretty standard wording - especially in the first paragraph - to a new poster to the Forum posting in the "vulnerabilities" thread is here (adapt para 2 and 3 for circumstance) ;-

or :-

To be specific , I cannot find any instance of Secunia opening a thread to comment on a vulnerability in any sub-forum .

While we are here and thereabouts , your comment here re IE is not correct as such ;-

The PSI needs IE and it needs to be set correctly to function , as we know , setting it to default may be a step to help sort a problem ; otherwise you do not need IE set as default for the PSI to work ; my default is Ff and the PSI can and does select the one or other it needs , when it needs it . If I seem to be nit-picking it's not to prevent a poster's machine being wrecked , just trying to get some continuity and save poster's time - I know whereof I speak from my own careless experience .

In this case , I only have XP but I believe that the PSI needs to be run under an admin account in W7 ; could be the problem in the above case . You'll only know by checking and asking .



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