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7dorfs63 deleting Adobe AIR
Member 23rd Aug, 2010 18:12
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cannot deleted Adobe AIR from secondary drive, had to replace drive after crash planned to reformat drive after retrieving programs from it. I get error message: Cannot delete Identity-H:Acess is denied.

C:\ProgramFiles\CommonFiles\AdobeAIR\Versions\1.0\ AdobeAIR.dll

ddmarshall RE: deleting Adobe AIR
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You haven't given enough information about your system or what you have done to get an accurate answer.
If you have reinstalled Windows on a new disk and are now trying to access the old system disk, try following the instructions for taking ownership of a folder in this Microsoft article.

Copying programs from one system to another does not work in general. They have to be reinstalled as parts of the program can be spread over several system files and registry entries need to be set correctly.

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