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christine3 Solutions not downloading
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I have tried to resolve the updates for Adobe Flash Player 10.x, Adobe Reader 9.x, Google Gadget ActiveX Control 5.x, and Mozilla Firefox 3.6.x but they keep reappearing. I have tried a couple of times. Other updates went through but these four just stay. Please Help

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Anthony Wells RE: Solutions not downloading
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Hello christine3 ,

The key to finding the cause of your problem(s) is to get the "installation path" (step 5) and then locate and open the folder causing the problem using the "open folder" link in the "toolbox" (step seven).

So : To locate the old version files , here is some advice for using the PSI in "advanced" mode , it is not difficult to use and will help you greatly :-

You need to get the information using the advanced mode of the PSI - use the link in the top right corner of any PSI page .

It would be a shame not to try the "advanced" mode ; so here are some tips for "looking around" :-

Click on each/all the tabs and there is plenty of written advice about what each tab contains .

If a "problem" shows in the "insecure" or "end of life" tabs , then to help resolve any problem , here are some instructions to help you first of all get the best out of PSI :-

1)use PSI in "advanced" mode ;
2)in the "settings" tab make sure that the box in the first/upper section is NOT ticked in order to have the maximum info available ;
3)tell us in which "tab(s)" your problem programme is located ;
4)in that tab , click on the + in the box at the left end of the programme , the page will expand ;
5)in the expanded page , tell us what is written in the "installation path" ;
6)in the "toolbox" section , lower down , the link "technical details" should confirm the installation path details ;
7)click on the link "open folder" and you will see more details concerning the location of the "problem" .

Posting these details will help the Forum help you , if/when you have a problem .

Each of your problems are commonly caused by "old" folders or files left behind at update or maybe they are on a back up system or even in the Recycle bin .

Let us know what you find and how we can help further .


PS : please add to your reply info on your version of the PSI and your OS .


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